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Who's Coming?

Control over who enters the party gives
a clear message to all who come that
the party is well run.

Negotiate and create a guest list.
Have a set amount of people invited to the party.
Create invitations with individual’s names and
a number so they can be easily crossed off
a guest list.
Make sure your invitation clearly states whether your party is BYO alcohol or drug-free.
Use colour so that photocopying invitations
is harder to do. You can also laminate them.
Make sure whoever is on the door has a copy of the guest list and knows what the invitation looks like to stop gatecrashers.


Stamp guests hands as they enter the party and mark them off a guest list.
Negotiate a plan about what happens if there are gatecrashers or guests bring uninvited people.
Make sure the people on the door and other adults at the party know and follow the plan.
Make sure incidents of inappropriate or violent behaviour are dealt with immediately.
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