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What if?

Even if you have done everything you think you can to make sure you are in control, things can still go wrong.
The following information could be critical.

What if you have a conflict when you get home?

Wait until the next day to have a proper conversation so that you don’t end up saying something you will regret.

First Aid

Click on and Download the PDF resources in this section to learn how to put your mate in the recovery position, check airways and breathing and how to handle an emergency situations.

Recovery Position
(Size 287kb PDF)
Airway & Breathing
(Size 220kb PDF)
Handling an Emergency
(Size 564kb PDF)

  Emergency Contacts

Have a list of emergency numbers near your house phone, in your mobile and on your fridge.

Phone 000
Have this number on speed dial on your phone.
Phone 112
If you don’t have credit on your mobile you can call
this number and it will find the nearest local
emergency carrier.

For further information on Emergency contacts or helpful information on what to do in an emergency situation, visit the:

Who to Contact section of this website.

PDF Downloads
Free Adobe Reader® software lets anyone view and print Adobe PDF files. Adobe has distributed more than 500 million copies of the software worldwide

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